Ninniachel Laiqualassiel Undomiel
A Daughter of the Lithiriel
Gryffindor Third Year

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Ninniachel Undomiel


A portrait of Ninniachel

Hair Dark
Eyes Light Blue
Height 4'9
Blood Pure-Blood
Birth Date December 19th
Age 13
Wand Rowan and Bundimun Fang, 13 1/2"
Title(s) Daughter or Lithiriel, The Pointy-Eared one
Home Country Scotland
Pet(s) Minaethiel, Kneazle/Niffler cross
Race Witch / Metamorphmagi
Father Alar Undomiel
Mother Sarlinna Undomiel née Tinuviel
Siblings --
Year 3rd
House Gryffindor
Others Undomiel Family, Tinuviel Family, Hogwarts, Scotland
Role-Play SaetaArrow
Ninniachel Laiqualassiel Undomiel (Nin-nee-ah-khell Lye-kwa-lass-ee-elle) is a Gryffindor Third Year Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Ninniachel was born to Sarlinna Tinuviel and Alar Tinuviel on December 19th, 3 years younger than her only brother, Locien.

A few weeks after her birth, Ninniachel's father, Alar, was killed by Death Eaters during the Second Wizarding War. All that Ninniachel knows of her father is that which Locien and Sarlinna would tell.

Ninniachel is one of the Lithiriel, known mainly as The Singer People. The Lithiriel, named after their first Arda (Leader), are immortal, although this does not mean that they cannot be killed in battle. The Singer People wear their hair long and loose, and move quickly and lightly with elegance, their voices are melodic, they have a love of all life and live discreetly in forests and on mountainsides. Sons and daughters of the Lithiriel have an attendancy to plants, trees and animals, and are some of the only witches and wizards to speak with trees, most are metamorphmagi, and all have pointed ears and dark, blonde, silver or russet hair.


Ninniachel, like most of the Lithiriel, has a great respect and appreciation for nature. She is kind towards her friends and those younger than her. Ninniachel is quick-thinking and brave, she is at ease with strangers and is a practised liar.


Ninniachel has long, dark, waist-length hair and light blue eyes, her skin is ivory coloured and her ears perfect points. Her build is tall, slender and willowy and she is agile and lithe.


From a young age, Ninniachel has known how to climb trees quickly, and to leap thorugh their bows swiftly and silently without falling. She is a practiced Archer and Fencer and can also throw a knife if necessary. Her knowledge of life and magic is also large.