Ollivander's Wand ShopEdit

Welcome to Ollivander's! I am Garrick Ollivander,master wandmaker. They say,"The wizard doesn't choose the wand,the wand chooses the wizard. That,my friend,is completely true. Below,in requests,request your top three wands. I will soon give you the wand that choose you,young witch or wizard.


Alder                              Ebony                               Oak                       Willow

Apple                             Elder                                 Pear                       Yew

Ash                                Elm                                  Pine

Aspen                             Fir                                   Poplar 

Beech                             Hawthorn                         Redwood

Blackthorn                       Hazel                              Rosewood

Black Walnut                   Holly                               Rowan

Cedar                              Hornbeam                       Silver Lime

Cherry                             Larch                              Spruce            

Chestnut                         Laurel                              Sycamore

Cypress                          Mahogany                        Vine

Dogwood                         Maple                              Walnut

Requests Edit

Ninniachel enters, "I would like to purchase a wand, my top three are: Rowan and Bundimun Fang, Ebony and Phoenix Tail Feather, or Cypress and Porlock Mane Hair"

"Aaah,Ninniachel," Ollivander says and hands her the Ebony and Phoenix Tail Feather.  "Try this."

She takes it and waves it, a glass vase smashes.

"No,definitely not!" Ollivander exclaimed.  "I am quite sure this one will work." He handed her the Rowan and Bundimun Fang.

A little more cautious this time, Ninniachel waves it and feels a warmth in her hand