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Welcome to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Here you can find,brooms,balls,books,and more for your favorite sport! Find a list of our inventory below. To get some Quidditch supplies,post a request under Get Quidditch Supplies. Thank you.


Cleansweep One=released in 1926,cornered like no other broom,once greatest broom on the market.

Cleansweep Two=released in 1934.

Cleansweep Three=released in 1937.

Cleansweep Four=release date is unknown.

Cleansweep Five=release date is unknown.

Cleansweep Six=release date is unknown. Wizard claims to have flown to the moon with this broom.

Cleansweep Seven=release date is unknown.

Cleansweep Eight=release date is unknown.

Cleansweep Nine=release date is unknown.

Cleansweep Ten=release date is unknown.

Cleansweep Eleven=released in 1995.

Comet 140=released in 1929. First in Comet series.

Comet 180=released in 1938.

Comet 260=released in 1991.

Firebolt=fastest racing broom in the world. Released in 1993.

Moontrimmer=released in 1901. When released,broke height records for brooms.

Nimbus 1000=release date unknown. First broom in Nimbus series.

Nimbus 1001=release date unknown.

Nimbus 1500=release date unknown.

Nimbus 1700=release date unknown.

Nimbus 2000=released in 19991.

Nimbus 2001=released in 1992.

Oakshaft 79=release date unknown. Built for endurance flying.

Shooting Star=released in 1955.

Silver Arrow=release date unknown.

Swifstick=released in 1952.

Tinderblast=released in 1940. Never used for sports.

Twigger 90=released in 1990. Never used for sports.


Golden Snitch=fast gold ball. Seeker tries to catch this. Once caught,game is over.

Bludger=black iron ball. Used for knockind down opponents.

Quaffle=red leather ball. Chasers score goals with this.


The Beaters' Bible by Brutus Scrimgeour

Beating the Bludgers-A Study of Defensive Strategies in Quidditch by Kennilworthy Whisp

Flying with the Cannons by unknown

Handbook of Do it Yourself Broom Care by unknown

He Flew Like a Madman by Kennilworthy Whisp

The Noble Sport of Warlocks by Quintius Umafavrille

Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland by unknown

Ouidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp

The Wonder of Wigtown Wanderers by Kennilworthy Whisp

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Ninniachel enters, "I would like to buy a Firebolt, along with Quidditch Through the Ages, Beating the Bludgers-A Study of Defensive Strategies in Quidditch and the Handbook of do it yourself Broom Care please"